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    Xiao Wen Ju for Joseph Altuzarra x The Line


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    McQueen Fall 2014 is everything.

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    Sally Paton by Sara Sani

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    "I’m always sad."
    "Are there certain thoughts associated with the sadness?"
    "No, the sadness is under the thoughts. It’s like when you’re on a camping trip, and it’s really cold, and you put on extra socks, and an extra sweater, but you still can’t get warm, because the coldness is in your bones."
    "Do you hope to get away from it?"
    "Not anymore. I just hope to come to peace with it."

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  14. "But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?"
    — Mark Twain, Autobiography of Mark Twain  (via 1811181)

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  15. "My sorrow is my castle."
    — Søren Kierkegaard (via sad-plath)

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